Sparkle Up Your Room


Birthdays come out with  great excitement but only if it's ours. If it's of our beloved than it's a big task to decide what to decorate? How to make it special?  Cheerbolt got the right choices for you. A room decoration designed by Cheerbolt's experts for you. To make it look rich, cheerbolt has some silver decoration ideas. As Silver drill with candle combination look surreal....

  • Happy Birthday Balloon
  • Star foil hanging
  • Silver frill
  • Glass candles
  • Rose petals
  • LED Light
  • Balloons
Whats Included?
  • Happy Birthday Balloon
  • 12 Star foil hanging
  • Silver frill
  • 15 Glass candles
  • 400 gms Rose petals
  • 1 LED Light
  • 50 Balloons
Whats Excluded?
  • Cake
  • Flower
Need to Know
  • Your address, balloon colour, & any other personal preferences will be taken over an email after your booking.
  • Please arrange a stool or ladder for the decorator to reach the ceiling
  • Surge is applied for same day bookings.
Opening Days
Available Time Slots
  • All Days 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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